How to treat dry skin and get a lighter skin without any magic-products?

Dry skin

Wheter your skin is dry or not it is also influenced by many factors such as health, genes, the influence of hormones, damage due to UV radiation, the use of the drying or irritating cleaning products and skin care products. Of course we can with appropriate and consistent care improve the situation of dry skin.

Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary that dry skin gets a lot of  fat and not moisture. Dry skin lacks mostly of fat, which forms a protective outer layer of skin. That kind of skin cant keep the moisture inside but it is continually losing it so all in all we get a vicious circle. Researches has shown that between normal andr y skin there is not much difference in moisture conent, but lack of fat leads to lack of moisture in the skin.

What to do with dry skin?

So make sure you are avoiding all factors taht affect the skin. For washing and showering (baths should be avoided, if possible), use gentle products for example oil showers and baby products based on special delicate cleaning substances. Only use care products taht contain enough fat, antioxidants and urea in the adult skin and alpha hydroxy acids, because these are all ingredients that will help improve the condition of dry skin.

Very good choice is usually cold pressed (extra virgin) olive oil, which beautifully nourishes the skin and has great antioxidant activity. Of course any other souitable oils and fats are appropriate, but it is certainly and additional plus if you have selected product with fat antioxidant activity so your skin will recover faster adn aasier, but it will be also protected from free radicals. You can also mix between your fingers few drops of oil with your daily cream and put that on during the night.

How to lighten your skin without chemicals?

One of the best lightening product that is completely natural is lemon. Lemons are not only a source of vitamin C and therefore a mandatory addition to colds and other diseases. Ancient Chinese named lemon juice Li Mung, which when we translate thta means »favorable to woman«. It was used as the secret ingredient of beauty potions, homemade cosmetics and they always discovered new ways of using the lemon juice. Lemon has lots of beneficial effects on beauty. It can be used in many other beauty treatments and you dont need to spend much money on expensive cosmetics. Always use fresh lemons because already prepared lemon juice can contain additives. Before you’ll start to use lemon juice you need to make a skin test on the elbows if its start to itch, that usually means that you may be allergic.

Lemon is full of fruit enzymes and acids, it easily removes dead skin cells. Lemon juice can be directly applied to your skin or mixed with a little water. A really good mask can be made from bananas and some lemon juice. Apply it on face and hands and leave it some time to act than we can wash that with lukewarm water. It helps to cleans and ligthens the skin.

Lip care

Mix a teaspoon of cream with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey and rub the chapped lips. Use at least for a week and watch up for results.

Nail care

For strong, shiny and healthy nails we need to soak them in lemon juice for at least ten minutes. Then we need to spilite, brush and dipped them ina mixture of half vinegar and water and clean them with warm water.

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