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What is the best acne treatment?

Monday, December 5th, 2011

What is the best acne treatment?

We can successfully treat acne

It has long been known that acne and other skin impurities are not oly a teenage problem, but also adults can have the same problems. Contributing to their creation of a number of factors among which is the most common inherited predisposition. Most adolescents hae acne during puberty and woman after the age of twenty-five. More rarely are acne aused by factors related to specific professions. Thus, acne may occur in humans who are exposed to halogen-based compounds or elements such as oils. In almost half of woman comes to outbreaks of acne before menstruation, which are probably related to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. This was the result of differences in the opening of sebaceous duct within a cycle, a process influenced by hormonal events. Contribute to the formation of acne and increased sweating, and tension or nervousness in the period before menstruation.

What is appropriate care?

Avoid the greasy nourishing agent and agents for protection agains UV rays, which are not suitable for oily, problematic skin. Suitable products are classified as non-comedogenic, which means that they dont cause blackheads or acne. The skin should be once or twice a day cleaned with a mild dtergent, suitable for oily skin prone to acne, then we can moisturize it wiht a suitale nonfat product for problematic skin. The face should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a suitable gel for the treatment of oily skin, which has a pH of 5’5. Men with acne should before shaving soften their hair with soap or shaving foam and hot water. They need to shave themselves gently to prevent spots and infections.

How to begin the treatment? What treatments are available?

The formation of acne is influenced by several factors. As a rule, we start with the general instructions for skin care products, which are tailored to the individuals problems. In the treatment we are focusing on three targets. These are stimulated by androgens sseborrhoea and the formation of blackheads (microcomedon) and inflammation triggered by propion-bacterias. Before we decide what kind of treatment is the most appropriate for the patient, we have a conversation with the patient. We must see the difference between mild acne, pimples and medium or sever acne. If the situation after six to eight weeks of treatment does not improve, the therapy should be changed. In the case of mild forms of acne there are suitable lotions and creams that are available without a prescription. We need to follow instructions precisely because the products can dry out the skin. We can get cream or gel with a substance similar to vitamin A (retinoid), benzoyl peroxide or to help unblock pores and reduce bacteria levels.

In more severe forms of acne doctors prescribe certain antibiotics in the form of tablets, which reduce the amount of bacteria in the hair bulbs and sebaceous glands  and mitigate inflammation, hence the redness. Until there is a significant improvement of acne in woman who are taking certain contraceptives. In more severe forms of acne pills are prescribed by a substance which is similar to vitamin A (retionid). This substance reduces the sebaceous glands and their secretion. Among the latest methods of acne treatment is phototherapy – irradiation with a lamp that produces violet or red light and with some lasers that remove redness and inflammatory changes in mild and moderately severe acne. One of the newest methods of irradiation, the photodynamic therapy, in which the skin spread aminolevulinic acid and than the skin gets irradiated with red visible light. Even this form of  treatment kills bacteria in the sebaceous glands.

How successful is treatment?

Treatment of acne is now a very effective if its led by professional dermatologist. Of course there must be also a mutual cooperaton and trust between patient and doctor. Acne can be repeated even after successful treatment. The effectiveness of acne treatment and repetition are also dependent on factors such as drinking alcohol, smokin, diet, stress…The fundamental principle is that the acne is a complexed ddisease and that their treatment is often prolonged, it can take several years, especially by woman.