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Skin – End of dry period

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Skin – End of dry period

Experts blame this phenomenon for a series of external factors such as climate and changing seasons. The aging process may enhance this phenomenon. Approximately 15 to 20 percent of fat skin is produced by sebaceous glands and around 80 percent is produced by skin cells themselves, to the formation of fat and they are significantly influenced by hormones. In a surprisingly large number of women is the cause of skin dryness over-intensive cleansing or usage of the wrong products. Products containing alcohol, for dry skin might be also too aggressive. When cleaning it is important not to damage the natural protective layer of skin, the so-called hydrolipid layer. Therefore, soap is also not appropriate for cleaning the face. When choosing a cleansing products we need to follow the rule that is not good to feel the tightening feeling on the skin five minutes after application.

Apply to the skin special creams which active feeding her fat and intensely moisturize the skin. Creams must be good absorbed on the skin and not leave greasy marks, in a sense it must be nice for another six to eight hours. Experts recommend products that are including urea count, the body’s own substance that has the ability to bind water, but in very dry and sensitive skin, its concentration is higher than three percent, that can lead to irritation or slight burning sensation. As a gentler solution dermatologists recommend glycerin, a substance that binds water, but it does not irritate the skin.

In order to maintain skin moisturised as long as possible, use a rich vegetable oils such as shea, jojoba and macadamia oil. Very soothing properties also has a gamma linolenic acid, which is made from evening primrose, grape seed or hemp, which can be partially replaced by skin’s fatty acids. The humidifier effective skin naturally fall in hyaluronic acid, which can bind more than a thousand times its own weight in water quantity.

What more can you do for your skin? Provide adequate atmosphere in the room, especially in winter when the air itself is dryer because of the heathing and thinner. At room temperature for 20 to 22 degrees humidity should be 40 – to 60 percent in majority, the value of moisture need to be as much as one-third lower. You can help yourself with humifider devices or with pots where you can put in some water.