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Skin care – Pretty feet

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Skin care – Pretty feet

You certainly can not find time to visit the beauty salon or you current financial situation does not allow the luxury of pampering treatments? Never mind. With a little effort and good will you can afford quality care at home.

Luxury pedicure

Make sure that you will have silky soft skin on the soles in the winter months and pamper your feet with a gentle massage that stimulates the entire body.

First soften your skin, so that the foot will soak in a bath of warm water for awhile, you make the bath for your feet from the hot water, three drops of oil rose and a couple spoons of honey and cream. You can put in the water some fresh flowers for example roses, the temperature should be between 36 to 38 degrees celsius.

For shortening use pliers for naile pedicure. To prevent ingrown nails, nail edges should be rounded. As long as the skin is soft, with a rod of rosewood gently push the cuticles down. Do not cut the skin around the nail.

Remove hard and rough skin on the heels with a special pad that is ergonomically designed for the hard skin. However, by rubbing the skin do not overdo it, since this will facilitate the formation of hard skin. Instead of files you can also use exfoliation. Prepare it in four tablespoons of sea salt and two tablespoons of almond oil. Massage it into skin and rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe the feet with a soft towel. Put on the skin of your feet a nice nourishing moisturizer that contains urea.

At the end of the treatmans, you can get also a great Tibetan foot massage: Place your left foot over right knee and a rounded heel stone massage with lightning strokes in the form of eight. Then with the same movements massage the inside of the ankle and then back again to massage the heel. Repeat the same technique also on the right foot.

In the end you spray your feet with rose water, that will lengthen the freshness of the feet.

Solution for very dry and cracked skin on feet: Warm a little bit of olive oil and massage it into the skin on the feet, then wrap the foot in a plastic bag and leave this mask on for about 10 minutes. In the end rinse feet with warm water and put on some rich moisturizing lubricant.

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