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Cleansing and purifying our skin

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Cleansing and purifying our skin

Cleansing and puriyfing skin is a true beauty with long-term effects of the process – regardless of whether we are talking about the daily cleansing and tonic, soap, occasional use of peeling or microdermabrasion. The most important thing is that the procedures are consistent with the needs and characteristics of the skin.

Gel and Foam

Gel and foams are usually suitable for normal to oily skin, while for dry and sensitive skin means they are too aggressive, and they have too much fat. The exception is the creamy foam with a high moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid).

Application: Apply the product first in a hand and mix it with water, then massage the skin with your fingertips in cicular movement. Use a soft brush for better cleansing effect and brush also strengthen at the same timethe skin and helps with blood circulation. Finally wash your face with lukewarm water.


Soaps are suitable for oily and combination skin. They are not recommended for dry skin, because they collect too much moisture.

Application: Wash face never use ordinary soap, as acids inside the soap can damage the protective layer of skin. Use a special soap for the face that gives skin some fat.

Important: Always rinse your face with water, as soap itself can irritate the skin.

Cleansing milk and cream

They are suitable for dry, sensitive skin. The more the skin is dry, the more rich and creamy cleaning product needs to be. Since milk or cream does not contain aggressive substances, it doesent hurt dry skin. However, the skin is cleaned as effective as with other cleaners and nourish the skin with important substances, such as shea butter and jojoba.

Application: Massage into skin and remove with a damp cotton pad or rinse off with water. Cleaning is particularly effective if you use thermal water spray instead of regular tap water.

Cleansing tonic

Tonic is suitable for all skin types – mandatory after each cleaning. Always use a tonic at the end of treatment, as it keeps the pH of the skin in good balance and continuously removes dirt and makeup rests. It also contains substances that soothe the skin (such as chamomile) or narrow pores (such as mint). Products-tonics containing alcohol are only suitable for oily skin.

Application: Use a cotton ball with toner and gently wipe the face.