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Skin care – Problems with hyperpigmentation

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Skin care – Problems with hyperpigmentation

Among the most noticeable and disturbing changes in the skin are brown colored marks. Uneven skin pigmentation is not a dangerous condition but can also affect self-esteem. Melazma is primarily affecting woman in the »most beautiful years« and for many years this was considered to be a very difficult cosmetic disorder. The exact cause of hyperpigmentation is not known.

About melanin

Causes of excessive accumulation of melanin in your skin can be injuries of inflammaton  of the skin, melazma, certain medications, exposure to ultraviolet rays, metabolic disorders, certain cancers and certain inherited traits. Additional factors of these problems are hereditary predispositions, oral contraceptives, ovarian tumors, hormonal changes in menopause and excessive use of harsh cosmetics and scented creams. At a time when ultraviolet radiation is highest, further darkened spots can become more visible and disturbing.

Creams, laser and freezing

Although the shelves in drugstores have more products for removing dark spots on the skin, including beauty salong are full of promises, but the only right place is usually dermatology clinic.


It is very important to know the cause of brown-colored spots. To distinguish such changes on the skin we need to make a careful clinical examination. Treating melazm and other hyperpigmentation dark spots was for many years in a lot of patients a very persistent and tough problem. Until recently, dermatologists have used traditional local brightening agents that prevent the formation of melanin pigment in the pigment cells and furter promote the epidermis peeling, chemical peeling, laser interference with pigment-especially laser systems and freezing with liquid nitrogen.