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One face – Different looks

Monday, February 6th, 2012

One face – Different looks

I was always attracted to the transformation, whether with clothing or makeup. it be to replace the clothing or makeup. Women tend to find some ways of makeup that they remain loyal for longer time. It is difficult to prepare ourselves to change our appearance.

The Ice Queen Make-up

First we equaly apply the foundation. Then we apply golden eye shadow on the top lid, from lash line to the eye brow, we gently pull with the brush the lower eyelid and also on the eye lashes. Then we can apply fake white eyelashes. We paint our lips with the ruby lipstick. At the bottom we press dark pink color so we create matte look, and on upper lip we apply lip gloss for the shiny look..

Smokey eyes make up for a dark effect

For this look we don’t need a lot of make up. This look is just like the previous look autumn classic. We cover irregularities on the skin with stick powder. We use dark gray pencil for the eyes, then we can apply eye shadoe, that we deliberately apply it unevenly. For the pale look of lips we use concealer.

Big classic of make up

Apply to the eyelids shiny shadow with darker brown eye shadow that we also apply it n the upper eyelid. We draw with a bright pencil eyebrows. Paint it in the upper part of the eyebrows to create a beautiful bow. Now we can put separate eyelashes above the center of the eye. That makes the eye more round and open. On the cheeks we apply rouge in pink candy color. In the end we put on lips lipstick in a puple color. We rim lips with a lip-pencil and apply lipstic again.

California girl Make-up

To create this attractive look, we need to imitate tanned skin, so first we apply some tinted lotion with powder, we apply that on the whole face. With the pencil in the color of the ocean we draw a fine line on lower and upper eyelid. After the pencil we put on the eye-shadow in the same color. We also put a nice khaki color in the upper eyelid. The eyeshadow in a blue color of the ocean is applied on the upper eyelid too. We end this look with black mascara and a shiny golden gel for the eyebrows. For the lips we only use a gentle colored vaselin.

Exotic make up

For exotic make up we need to apply firstly liquid powder that contains sprinkling light effect for more even look of the skins texture. With the purple pencil we draw the eyes. We can soften the color a little bit with the brush and spread it with our fingers. With the black pencil we wipe up the eyelid near the lashes and apply black mascara and golden gel on the eyebrows. For the lips we can use red lipstic that we apply with a brush.