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Skin care – Night creams

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Skin care – Night creams

Problems with sleep are part of our everyday lives. This inconvenience “hit” twice as many women as men. Number one enemy is usually stress. What can we do? We need to have little bedtime rituals, its good to start with daily skin care. Specialized therapists that are dealing with insomnia, advise you that you get those rituals in an hour before bedtime to create a nice atmosphere with dimmed lights, a nice quiet music, a relaxing bath before we go to sleep.

When cream shows its strength

Today, the cosmetic products are a combination of fragrances, colors and textures. All about satisfying the senses. Before you go to bed you can have this “night cream” ritual, that will help you to sleep betterThus. If you lack sleep, your skin will feel it and we need to take care more about our skin. At night, skin is replenished and this should not be neglected compared to the day when you must fight against contaminants, dry air, the sun. . An important component of modern creams is retinol, which is actually a form of vitamin A. As the sun loses its effect, its use is concentrated mainly in night skin care.

Shiseido Future Solution

This cream is great for a complete regeneration of the skin. It contains a complex of abstract “Chai Hu” and a derivative of Vitamin C and moisturizing component that provides adequate moisture whole 24 hours. Cream restores skin vitality, is effective in smoothing wrinkles and improves skin’s natural functions. The cream is also dermatologically tested, so the there is also a reduction of skin allergies. Technology cream can be used mornings and evenings as the last step in the normal skin care. To further increase the recovery effect is used in Shiseido Future Solution cream for eyes and mouth.

Nivea Visage Oxygen Power

This cream guarantees 15 % moisturizing through day and night its from a new line with  pure oxygen. The skin literally absorbs oxygen, while instantly increases her energy level. At the regular morning and evening use, it accelerates skin regeneration by 15%. Simultaneously, oxygen helps the skin to retain more moisture. Night Cream is enriched with panthenol, which supplies the skin with intense moisture.