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Natural products for sensitive skin

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Natural products for sensitive skin

Generally speaking we dont know a lot about our skin, but we can determine very accurately the type of our skin. Cosmetic studios can be very professional to give us very simple analysis to determine skin type. With this simple test we already get the first instruction: Wash face first with cleansing mil kand do not use facial toning or cream and let the skin rest for a few minutes and than check your skin again. After the cleaning of skin you can find out what kind of skin type do you have.

Sensitive skin. Test type: Do you have, after cleaning your skin dry areas of redness and does your face burns or itches? Would you sometimes like to jump out of your skin because it reacted too sensitive on temperature changes? Do not worry, your sensitive skin can calm down.

Proper care: The main thing is that you need to avoid anything that irritates your skin. So avoid to use all the products that contain alcohol, soaps and perfumes. It is much better if you start to use special skincare products made from natural ingredients for sensitive skin, one of those products is mild detergent milk, nourishing moisturizer with UV protection, and once a week put on a face nursing protective mask.

Tip: Use cleansing milk. Preferably its good to applied it with a cotton pad as the water dries the skin and makes it brittle.