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To achive youthful look with make-up

Monday, February 6th, 2012

To achive youthful look with make-up
Choose the right foundation, apply eye shadow to the right place, avoid the pearly shine … Learn how to turn back time with make-up.

Fresh complexion

Aplly foundation over the entire face:

With powder or liquid foundation the rules are always the same. If the product is applied from the earlobe to the nose, we will achieve a rigid appearance. Therefore, we need to apply the foundation only to specific points – the nose, cheeks and the area under the eyes – and from there we can stretch the the product slightly over the entire surface. We will achieve a a good basis with more light-hearted and fresh look.

Moisturizing foundation:

We will achieve a more intense and translucent appearance of the skin with wet-foundation.  If the product is enriched with active ingredients that blur and fill wrinkles, such as reflective pigments, silicones or waxes that can easily make us look younger.

Rouge is applied to the wrong place:

If the rouge in the red-soil color is applied below the cheeks, we will only achieve a strict and rigid appearance.

Choose a cream rouge:

Because it has the gently glowing texture, its a wonderful highlight for cheekbones. If we want to further revitalize the complexion, choose warmer tones between, such as coral. When we apply the rouge we need to smile so then we can apply it to the area that is bulged.

Choose the right shade:

Skin gives to the foundation yellowish or greyish shade, so it is important that we choose the right foundation that is half of shade lighter from our natural skin color. In this way your skin will look much fresher. Recommended are all shades of sandy beige with a hint of biscuit.

Pearly look:

It is good if we don’t choose gleaming effects of powder on our skin after 35. Glowing particles are trapped in the wrinkles and the wrinkles are visable even more. And there are too many glitters that can make us look older.

Apply foundation with a brush:

This is one of the most popular trics of make up artists. With using a brush we avoid to apply thicker foundations on skin. We also stimulate circulation with the brush, skin looks more relaxed and wrinkles are not that visable anymore.

Use a powder:

Powder brakes the light, either it is a dust-powder  or compact powder. Shadows are more visable and so are wrinkles. The dry pigment particles can stick together on some parts of the face, so its better to forget about the powder.