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Foundation – Difference between good and bad

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Foundation – Difference between good and bad

Can we create with makeup relaxed look?

The skin is different every day, its look and feel depends on how we slept, or if we’re healthy, the weather also influences our skin. You can, create great make up if we manage to capture the feeling and great techniques of make up artists. It is good if we put illuminator onn the arches above and below eyebrows and along the cheekbones and the inner corner of eyes. Man women look tired because they use too dark shade of foundation, it is better to use foundation in lighter shade. Gentler, subtler shades of beighe are suitable for light skin, woman with darker skin should use foundation in more rosey and peach shades.

How can we avoid too shiny face?

Before you start with the make up you can massage the face with a moisturizer a good cream, that will help skin to become more soft and fresh. Always mix corrector with some cream and apply it under the eyes. If you have oily T-area, its good to apply first matt-lotion there to avoid oily look.
What can we expect from the new powders?

There are more and more increasingly innovative formulas with pigments that reflect light (eg Photo’Perfexion, Givenchy or Vitalumière Aqua, Chanel). We can adjusted texture and current condition of skin powder. For dry skin are suitable powders that have oil-based foundation, for normal and combinaton skin are suitable colored creams. Woman that have oily skin should avoid powders that are made on oil-base.

When is it time for bronzer?

We can use bronzer throughout the year. If we use brush for applying rouge, we can use the same brush for applying bronzer, apply it gently on each part of the face, where sunlight falls naturally. Apply it on the forehead, top of nose, cheekbones and chin top.

If it appears that the make-up on your face is too dark, then you can apply some bronzer along the ears to reduce the contrast. In winter we can use bronzers that have more cold colors and are based on the orange color. (Terracotta powders for example Bronzanate from guerlain number 00).