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Natural skin whitening cream

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Natural skin whitening cream

There are a lot of black woman that want to have lighter skin. With lighter skin ten they feel better, have better self-image and act more confident. Because of this skin whitening products have become very popular especially skin whitening creams.

Skin whitening products prices are relatively low, so they are easy to get them for potentikal customers. The real problem is when you need to decide between a flood of all kinds of skin whitening products. Which products are real and which are fakes, which are good and which may even be harmful to your skin. Lots of creams with different marketing approaches are sometimes also promising unbelievable results.

Many products and skin-whitening creams may also contain harmful chemical ingredients. Some ingredients in the products work only in certain caes of types of skin. It is important that before we buy skin whitening product we know for sure what kind of type of skin we have and what or skin really needs.

What is skin whitening?

There are several ways in which the skin can be ligthened. So with skin whitening we get the skin lighter. Basically it is a process that decreases the production of melanin in your body. Melanin is the main factor that your skin becomes darker. For the bleaching process we can use a variety of creams and lotions, all this products can be pretty expencive. If we decide to use natural skin whitening products instead of chemically produced creams of lotions we would be surprised that there are lots of natural substances for skin whitening. You will be surprised if I tell you that there are plenty skin-whitening substances found in your kitchen. Substance for natural skin whitening can be found in Aloe Vera, apple cider, lemon juice, castor oil and others.


Use one yogurt and fresh orange juice and apply that mixture on your face for 15 minutes. Repeat treatment every day for at least one month. With this mixture we need to be careful if the skin react negative, because orange juice can irritate the skin. In a large spoon of yogurt put five drops of orange or lemon juice. Please be aware that your skin will be with this treatments much more susceptible to sun rays, so you need to use sun cream to protect the skin from UV rays.