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Neck skin care

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Neck skin care

The skin on neck is more dry and ages rapidly than in other parts of the face. This difference may try to regulate special creams that contain more fat and a variety of substances. aS long as you are young, you dont need that kind of creams, but after the mid-twenties, you can start to cultivate more high-fat neck creams.

In the early twenties you do not need special creams, but at thirties they can become extremely useful. The skin of the neck contains low amounts of fat cells, so we cant neglect that part of the body.

In addition to morning and evening facial care, give yourself a few minutes of skin care on your neck. When applying the cream to the neck there is very important that the skin is not retrieved and expand, because if the skin is in like that, than the long-term result can be very bad. Apply the cream very gently by patting on the neck and that is basically it. Neck area needs particular care in winter when the air is dry and cold. High collars and turtle neck sweaters can even more dry skin on neck. In winter we need to use cream that can adequately replace lost fat. Sometimes we can also use an almond oil mask on the neck and than also wrap around the neck a soft towel and leave it for half an hour. That kind of mask reimburse the skin its freshness and power.

Skin on neck is usually very sensitive and thinner, because it has no sebaceous glands and it loses elasticity with age. Therefore it needs to be moisturized pretty good if you want to avoid wrinkles, pigment spots and looseness.

After thirty the skin becomes more sensitive, so we need to think pretty good what kind of skin care is apppropriate for our neck, after forty there will be more recognizabale wrinkles and at that time is also good if we use a little exercise with facial and neck muscles, that can become our daily habit.

For the neck care we can also use the cream for the face, although there are specialized creams on the market that are better suited to the composition and needs of the skin on the neck.

In the fight for wrinkles besides wrinkle creams we can also use laser or injections. With a laser we can stimulate collagen production. It works deeply and more permanently and it effictively tightens the skin. That kind of treatment is useful if the skin has a lot of wrinkles. Injections are used only on the surface of the skin. By injection into a half inch under the skin we also enter the skin with moisturizing ingredients, for which the skin becomes more tight. The operation is very short and the results are immediate.