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Beauty treatments for dry skin

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Beauty treatments for dry skin

Excessive sun exposure can damage skin. Most people love sun rays in summer, but excpessive exposure to the sun can damage skin and hair. The skin dries out and loses its protective moisturizer applications, so its more prone to injuries and other negative impacts. Excessive sun exposure can also damage hair, usually they become very dry and lose their shine. In that moments we need to use a lot of moisurizers to restore skin moisture and elasticity. We can use the products that can protect your skin. Use the products that will protect your skin. In order to reinstate the natural protective layer of skin, we can use products for dry skin, that contain following ingredients: lipids (unsaturated fatty acids, waxes,…), natural oils (avocado, almond, jojoba, corn, olive,…), phospholipids, sfingolipide, ceraminde, glycerol, urea, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin E and K. It salso very important if we use sun creams in summer, wherever you are. We can apply sun sun creams to the face, chest and other parts of the body that is exposed to sunlight.

Be gentle

Use the most gentle products, especially for the face which is particularly delicate part of the body. For the skin on the face that is usually more oily and sensitive is the most appropriate care that we use moisturizing or liquid lotions. Moisturizers for dry skin are better in a form of creams, which are usually also more nutritous. Even the lips will thank you for moisturizing balm that contains also sun protection factor.

Showering and dry skin

When showering, do not use hot water. When you dry the skin after showering, you need to put on skin moisturizing lotions. If you use the glove in the shower, you can also gently remove all the dead skin from the surface, and the skin will be in the end more willingly to accept other skincare products. Instead of milk or lotion for dry skin you can use nourishing natural oils that need to be applied on damp skin. After application, skin will not be greasy, but nicely moistured.

On the appearance of the skin affects not only what its applied on, but also food and drinking liquids. Summer heat calls for consuming large quantities of water, fruits and vegetables.

Avocado for dry skin

Make a mask with avocado. Crush half of the avocado, add a few drops of lemon juice and gently apply the mask on the face. After 15 minutes you can remove the mask with lukewarm water.