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The best skin lightening products for asian skin

Monday, December 5th, 2011

The best skin lightening products for asian skin

Many companies are offering a variety of skin-whitening products, so we need to ask ourselves if a single product has got the same effect for all skin types? Products that are excellent can have great effects on African American skin type but they can have bad effect on Asian skin. That is why skin lightening can be a long process.

With using all sorts of procedures, we use different terms like for example skin lightening, skin whitening and skin bleaching. What is the difference? The end result of all three terms is skin bleaching, while skin Whitening is more drastic procedure than skin Lightening. In western countries there is usually no more skin lightening, because tanned skin is more popular in aesthetic circles.

To have more tanned skin or lighter skin is obviously the case of certain values, which vary from the environment, the culture where we live. You want a lighter skin complexion because you think that this will help you to achive your hidden desires. Peeling is one of the procedures for lightening the skin. This is good to remove the outer layers of dead skin. The companies are using different types of components for example they like to use finely grinded pieces of various kinds of fruit. Sensitive Asian skin doesent tolerate peelings that good. Asian skin type can get very tanned on the sun, so that kind of skin should be treated differently. This type of skin is more sensitive and more prone to hyperpigmentation than caucasian skin. Most people in Asia have lighter type of skin. A lot of Asians with darker shade of skin wish to get brighter complexion because of personal reasons.

From the trademarks that stand out with their products for Asian skin type are PharmaClinix and Nur 76. Their products provide a safe and effective skin lightening. From a wide range of skin whitening products you can choose among the products that you can use for the night and the one that are for daily use. You can choose between products for lightening the skin, or to correct uneven skin tones, but also to remove skin blemishes and spots. Products contain ingredients including fruit extracts and well known Kojic acid. Nur 76 is another brand that produces products for skin whitening. Products contain natural ingredients so they can effectively lighten Asian skin type. Among their products you can also choose different types of soaps and lotions.