Skin bleach cream – What you need to know about skin bleaching

Skin bleach cream – What you need to know about skin bleaching

When you decide for skin whitening, you need to think before doing it, about effects of skin whitening. Products for skin whitening can affect the skin locally on individual sites or on larger areas. We also need to considerate which skin whitening products will we use: natural or chemical onse.

Some natural acids and vitamins have a direct impact on the pigmentation to the skin, so that is why the skin becomes darker. Examples of such ingredients are:

– Arbutin, a natural substance found in plants,

– Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B-3

– Derivates of vitamin A, also known as retionids

– Azelaic acid

– Ascorbic acid, vitamin C

– Kojic acid, a natural substance used as a health supplement in Japan.

We need to be careful and read about negative consequences of using bleach for the skin. Evidences against the use of hydroquinone are still not confirmed, especially in the cases of African American skin types.

Among the evidences against the use of hydroquinone is also east African medical journal study. In this study there is example of a woman that used skin bleach based on hydroquinone for about four years. Eventually she went to her doctor and complained about pain in the legs and constant tiredness. The doctor found out that she has degeneration of the nervous system. The woman was completely healthy when the doctor recommended that she needs to stop using the bleach that contains hydroquinone. After four months the tiredness and pain in the legs disappeared.

The use of hydroquinone is banned in the EU and Japan, but in other countries the use is allowed, you can get hydroquinone based skin bleach in the States on prescription. The use of hydroquinone is dangerous, particularly in large parts of the skin. At the death of the skin cells, hydroquinone penetrates into the bloodstream and in liver and kidneys, which can cause irreparable damage.

From all heavy metals that doctors found in several skin-whitening creams Mercury is particularly one of the most dangerous one. It causes neurological disorders and kidney damage. In Tanzania, they found in the urine of men alarmingly high levels of mercury. Research findings were remarkable. In all test cases, mercury came in the body because of usage of skin bleaching creams. Mercury has extreme negative effects on the health of the liver, kidney and brain tissue. In any case, if you want to use the products for skin whitening, then use natural products.


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