Shisedo – Japanese brand for skin care

One of Japanese brand for skin care is for sure Shiseido.

Here in Europe where I live, Shiseido brand is very popular. The brand you can find on the market shelf from along time. It is interesting but my aunts also use it and she sayed that this skin care is by her opinion and typ of skin the best.

Is it true that products for skincare from Japan is good? My friend visited Japan and bring back som of skincare products. One of the well know skincare products in Japan is Shiseido. But they sell also in EU or US – it is pretty expensive – enyway it smells so god.

The life expectation for Japanese is 86 for woman and 79 for men. General health and especialy skicare of Japanese is on a very high level. It is interesting  some of the reports from researches of Japanese people where in averege they can expect 75 year without disease.

Life habits of the Japanese population
The lowest level (only 3 %) of obesity is one of the important things of Japanese population. For American this rate amount 32%. Nutrition of Japanese is for sure one of the important factors. So what is their food and what Japanese actual eat. Ther is a smal secret, one of prefered food of Japanese are Wakame kelp, which is a sort of seaweed. On the other hand this seaweed is a kind of  “beauty preserver”. Ok and what is so special substance in this kelp?

Some studies fom university of Hokaido shown the increased level of fat burning when eating these types of algae. Japan is also known by their oriental medicine. Yes, Japanese traditionaly medicine also recommends the use of wakame kelp to the strengthen of skin an hair an also as blood purfy.

Today Wakame kelp is one of main ingredients in skincare products as anti-aging formula.

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