Natural beauty skin care tips and natural remedies

Natural beauty skin care tips and natural remedies

You probably heard before for advices from our mothers and grandmothers, or we read them in various magazines, sometimes we can forget about that kind of advices and natural remedies for beautiful skin. Therefore, here we are to remind you of a healthy basics, which are far from being in a form of expensive creams and different preparations.

Water, water and again water

Drinking enough water will help your skin as well as your body so the body and skin would work as they should. How many times have you heard that chocolate can cause pimples? For some this is true, and for others it is not. It actually doesen’t matter, as long as you have balanced diet and you get daily dose of vitamins, with rich food that contains enough fiber.


The skin intensively regenerates overnight, so the lack of sleep can show around our eyes in a form of dark circles with pale and dull appearance of the skin. A sufficient amount of sleep will allow your body and skin to rest.

Regular daily care

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three steps of the daily care that must be performed at least twice a day. In the evening, we need to remove make-up and impurities that have accumulatd in our face during the day, in the morning to freshen your face and remove dead skin cells and remains of night cream and prepare skin for a new day.


Regular physical activity will not only energize and strenghten your body, but will also help your skin to be cleansed and glowing.


Excessive exposrue to the sun and visits in sun-stuidos can be very damaging for the skin. Of course we can sunbath in small amounts, just be sure to get quality sun creams with a sufficient sun protection factor, which will protect your skin in summer and in winter.

Pleasure, happiness, indulgence and a little satisfaction

None of the face does not shine like a face with relaxed wide smile. Relax, smile and enjoy the pleasant company, little everyday miracles will bring you and your skin satisfaction.

Natural ingredients for beautiful skin

When our skin does not look as we wish, we usually cause our creams for that. Then we start to run around and test all kinds of new products on our skin and nothing will help if we do not start to eat healthy. We must realize that the skin is our largest organ and it also reflects our health. We can have beautiful, healthy and glowing skin when we have healthy, optimistic and confident approach to life.

Chemical additives in cosmetic products

Chemicals in various cosmetic products and creams usually only harm the condition of our skin and hair, so we recommend that you try to use natural ingredients as possible and masks for your hair or skin that are made from natural ingredients or are home-made. To rejuvenate your skin, you can make a mask from egg white and peach juice. This is a great recipe for a mask that will give your skin a needed update. Squeeze the juice of white peaches and add one egg. Mix and apply the mixture on your skin and leave it up to 30 minutes. Then rinse your skin with cold water. The result will be a soft and delicate skin.

Green tea for a natural glow of your skin

Green tea is a natural antioxidant, and if you want that your skin gets its natural glow back, than you need to use the tonic in the base of a green tea. In boiling water, soak a bag or two teasppons of green tea and leave it for 15 minutes. Strain tea and than you rub it gently with a cotton swab to clean the skin. Natural green tea tonic will revitalize and gave your skin a natural glow.

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